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Based on 2010 reviews

So beautiful, super soft and comfy. I love this hoodie

I like everything about the Ambassador kit set!

This is the best Hoodie ever,I like material and comfynes of the hoodie!
Better shop at Habits New York for good quality.

I believe Habits 365 is a great brand and all but I was just not satisfied with the products I’ve received. Really looking at what was in the box…I can’t say it was really worth the $50. I received 2 tees which I thought was perfect! Also got a hat which I LOVED the quality and the fitting of it, and I’ve also received a pair of biker shorts and leggings. Now I’m not sure if this just isn’t a popular item of their brand but the quality was a little poor. Not only did it fit like a large (when I ordered it as a medium) but the leggings would fit around my thighs and not around my ankle or hips whatsoever. Which is really unfortunate because I was looking forward to some really great quality products! I tried reaching out to them by email about requesting and exchange or partial refund of some sort but the email address doesn’t work and I’m not able to reach them now. :( I really hope they step their game up with communication, the correct email or a way to reach them.


I loved the mystery package it was a variety of different things and I love that

Pink Habits Baby Tee

Cute, but small size so can’t wear

Good quality for a good price 👍

Love Hoodie
D Smith
Starting New Habits

I love this hoodie!!! This is a very meaningful brand with great vision! Keep practicing positive habits!!

Ambassador Kit- 5 for $50
Sarah Pritchard

It seems like this is how they’re getting rid of low-selling items

Ambassador Kit- 5 for $50
Annastaisa Turner
A bit disappointed

I received workout leggings and t shirts. The leggings fit poorly


I absolutely LOVE everything received in my ambassador kit. Definitely well worth the $50! (& I mever make reviews do please trust me on this)
Also - sizing was perfect!!

Ambassador Kit- 5 for $50
Whitney-Jaylin Harris

I loved it

Women's Baby Doll Tee Pink
DeArjanay Wright

My shirt it too small

Ambassador Kit- 5 for $50

Essentials Tee Teal
Daniel Hardesty
Soft and comfortable tee

Well made, nicely fit. Not too heavy or light. Wears great! Highly recommend

Ambassador Kit- 5 for $50
Darrell Milbourne
Darrell’s Habit

Absolutely love the ambassador kit. Each piece are a great fit, the quality is amazing. Hands down I’m happy to be apart of the team!

Love Hoodie
Brian Lee
Love Hoodie - best ever!

The design is so nice and I get so many shout outs when I wear it on campus. Soft and comfortable. My favorite.

Fire Department Crewneck Black

Awesome definitely recommend getting it 👍

Comfy jacket

Got the blue hoodie in the ambassador box & it was great & fit me pretty well 🔥

Love the Academy Hoodie

Love the details and it’s so comfortable. The red color is also very sharp.


The pants were not as advertised and the hoodie did not have the drawstrings that were intended to be on there. Also the color was not the bright royal blue that was shown online. The acid wash look also made it look old and dusty. The materials were great just not what I thought it would be.

Great habits bring freedom.

Awesome recommend getting it.


Great bunch of items

Absolutely 100

I love my hoodie, with all the different colors, the fabric, the feel on my body the look...just in general the hoodie is dope and I have gotten so many compliments on it...you won me over!!!