Our Story

Habits New York is a streetwear apparel brand that's all about promoting positive habits. We started out as Habits 365, but we knew we wanted to take it further and make an even bigger impact.

Our vision was to create a streetwear brand that combines edgy style with a meaningful message. We believe that habits play a crucial role in shaping our success and happiness, and we want to spread that message through fashion. That's why we started Habits New York - to make a difference in the world by promoting positivity and self-improvement.

Our designs are all crafted in-house using high-quality materials and the latest styles. We're all about individuality and self-improvement, and we want our clothes to serve as daily reminders for our customers to adopt positive habits and strive for success. We're so excited to be revolutionizing the streetwear fashion industry while capturing the energy and spirit of New York City.

So join us today and be a part of the Habits New York movement! Wear our clothes, promote positivity and self-improvement, and help us make a real difference in the world.

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Great habits bring freedom.

Awesome recommend getting it.


Great bunch of items

Absolutely 100

I love my hoodie, with all the different colors, the fabric, the feel on my body the look...just in general the hoodie is dope and I have gotten so many compliments on it...you won me over!!!


I really enjoyed all the stuff thanks

Ambassador Kit- 5 for $50
Caroline Rhoads
quality 🤌🏻

very high quality stuff and i love the designs

Ambassador Kit

I LOVE my kit I got. Every piece I wanted and they fit amazing! Order their clothes ... you won't regret it!

Real good

Loved definitely went so good with my shoes

Ambassador Kit- 5 for $50
DeShondra Mitchell
The secret Amazing Box

I Love the box. I stay in the gym so I Love the workout tights/pants that came in the box. I Love everything that was sent and I appreciate it and can’t wait for more sweet deals like this.

Great items for a great price, but do wish I got at least one newer habits ny item.


I love it great quality fast shipping awesome concept!! Thank you #Habits

Lived up to the hype

Very dope hat and cool collection concept

Wild West Hoodie
Ben Dewhurst
Never been more hype

This hoodie looks incredible. Just placed my order & cannot wait to show this off with some cargos.

Simple but CLEAN

Got this hat within two days. Colors are so clean and go well with many darker brown colors. Looking forward to y'alls next release ..

Concrete Cowboy Tee
Jackson Lee

Design on the back is crazy... already got compliments

Too clean

This shirt is a MUST HAVE. Got it within 2 days and the quality is a1. Going to be buying more thank u


I'm thrilled to be an ambassador and showcase these gems

Value is outstanding

I am absolutely in love with the ambassador kit! It's a fantastic collection of five incredible items. From trendy new products to beloved classics, this kit has it all. The value for the price is outstanding. I've been using the items and recommending them to all my friends. Being an ambassador is such a great opportunity, and this kit truly showcases the best of the brand!

Lived up to the hype

I got this earlier than when they released it. I am very satisfied with the quality of the products I got. Happy custimer! :)


This is my first time ordering from Habits NY and I am hype for this to come in 🔥

Good quality shirt!

Great shirt with quality print. Habits customer service was also very helpful. Support this brand!

Essentials Tee Navy
Great Tee!

love the logo and design!


Looks great on my computer! 10/10

Let the t-shirt empower you

Let the t-shirt empower you

Love Hoodie
Terrell Reed
Love hoodie

Not gonna lie love the from the material to the design. In my opinion one the favorite hoodies now

Habits T Shirt

Great T Shirt luv the way the shirt feels