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Introducing the Habits 365 Podcast, Conscious Minds

By Mia Sherin, June 29, 2021 Habits 365 has always been about more than apparel. It’s about a core mission: to encourage the practice of positive habits, 365 days a...

By Mia Sherin, June 29, 2021

Habits 365 has always been about more than apparel. It’s about a core mission: to encourage the practice of positive habits, 365 days a year. We see Habits 365 as a movement run by and for young people, to inspire them and empower them with clothing, community, and conversation. We hope to continue this conversation through a new podcast called Conscious Minds, focused on arming listeners with the knowledge and information they need to practice good habits that will positively impact their overall wellbeing. 


Chris Hulbert, a rising senior at Clarkson University from Clifton Park, New York, will be hosting and curating the podcast. Although he’s currently living his best life playing basketball, pursuing his degree in civil engineering, and working out, he didn’t always feel like he had control over his thoughts. And one day, they got the best of him.


“I used to overthink things, and I didn't really live in the moment all the time,” he shared. At college, he had an important test coming up, and was studying like crazy. But once he sat down at his desk to take the exam, he had a panic attack. “I went into survival mode, and I couldn't control my thoughts. I didn’t like the fact I wasn't in control of my own mind and how I was functioning.” Through conscious minds, he hopes to hone in on the practices he used that helped him take ownership of his own thoughts. Rather than overthinking and letting anxiety run his brain, he learned to be conscious of the functioning of his mind.


The panic attack was his turning point. And while it was a long journey after, Chris was committed to change. “I'm a little bit of a nerd, so I came across quantum physics, which relates to spirituality and meditation,” Chris said. He then stumbled across a Youtube video that resonated with him, created by Dr. Joe Dispenza, that resonated with him. “I started actually putting the meditation practices and mindfulness into my daily actions, and from there, I saw things that I've always wanted take shape, because I started feeling like I was worthy.”


How he made that change? Well, that’s for Chris to share and for you to find out. But through his podcast, Chris plans to share not just tips and tricks, but researched facts that helped him discover his worth, manage his stress, and improve his well being.  “I want to help people become who they want or envision themselves to be,” Chris said. “I also hope it generates people to live differently and be more conscious about their daily thoughts and actions.”


While he plans to bring on guests from all walks of life, from psychologists to athletes, his first podcast will serve more as an overview and introduction to what you can expect from Conscious Minds moving forward. But his dream guest? Dr. Joe Dispenza, of course. The man who started it all and helped Chris find a starting point in his journey. “Going down this path completely changed my life,” Chris shared. And now he wants to help you do the same. 


Conscious Minds will premiere in early July and will be released on all streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

1 comment on Introducing the Habits 365 Podcast, Conscious Minds
  • Dick Traci
    Dick TraciSeptember 27, 2021

    I, too have been very INSPIRED by Mr. Joe Dispenza, which makes me want to ask you….have you also listened to Dr. LEONARD HORROwitz, or Massaru emoto the water experiments, or Michael Tellinger?? I also like Lewis Howes and some other young talk show/interviewer person…cant remember his name…but, ummm, im just curious, cuz….id like to know more “enlightened” people….right now…the insane and the ignorant variety is all im surrounded with….i, too, LOVE quantum physics….i actually have the same birthday as Michael Mikaku or sumpin like that, the #1 physicist in New York….yes …bragging..but NOT flirting…jus trying to find likeminded people….im too old….its not bout that…also….dr. Sebi is one of my favorites…..anywhooo….jus sayin…..

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