A Peek Behind the Curtain: Habits 365 Womens’ Line

A Peek Behind the Curtain: Habits 365 Womens’ Line

By Hannah Murphy, July 29, 2020.

Habits 365, is, of course a brand that focuses on living happy and healthy 365 days a year. While the brand started off with just a men’s collection and gained tremendous success from the growing of that line, it became increasingly important for there to be equal representation throughout the brand itself, so the women’s line at Habits 365 was brought to life.  I got the chance to speak to the Head of the Women’s line, Rachel Rosenstein and she talked to me about the inspiration that sparked the women’s collection, how it differs from the men’s clothing, and how she, as the leader of this side of the company, wears her very own habits. 

When asking Rachel about where the inspiration came from and how the women’s line came to fruition, she talked about how she and Spencer Zied, the Co-founder of Habits 365 got together and realized that they were only targeting half of the population. Healthy habits are not exclusive to men, so the importance of inclusivity was really the back bone of the start of this line. After deciding to come up an entire women’s collection, Rachel explained that- “From there, the women’s design team worked on coming up with a few of our own unique logos, playing with new fonts, styles and colors to give us our own special touch. We spoke internally as well as with friends, and analyzed trends to see what types of products our target audience would like to wear. We are still in the very beginning and the line has ways to go, but it has tremendous potential and is seeing success very early on.” Rachel’s passion for the women’s line is extremely inspiring, which, down the line, will most definitely contribute to the success of the new line.

We then talked about how the women’s collection differs from the men’s, and how the creators were able to identify and change certain things about the men’s line to make in unique for the women’s. Rachel said that, “While there isn’t a huge difference in the purpose and passion behind both lines, the women’s line is certainly unique to itself. For men, lifestyle and athletic wear often overlap, but for women, that isn’t usually the case. However, unlike many other brands who tend to lean towards one side, we are trying to create a balance between both lifestyle and athletic wear. Your habits involve your fitness routine as well as how you live your life every day, so we wanted to create a platform where both can be highlighted.” Being the leader of this project, Rachel is certainly thinking about every aspect that needs to be considered to make the women’s collection the best it can be. Her dedication is undoubtedly reflected in the clothing that is being produced. 

Lastly, as a lifestyle brand focused on positivity, I asked Rachel about how she wears her habits. She said, “As a founding member of the women’s collection, I believe it is critical to practice healthy habits 365 days a year. I wear my habits by stretching before I exercise, eating healthy home cooked meals, and going on long walks and swimming.” Through thoughtful work, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and constantly growing and evolving a creative mind, the women’s line at Habits 365 is going to be a raging accomplishment for the brand itself, but also for the people who saw this project through from the beginning. 

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